Central Railway installs sewage water treatment plants at 5 locations in Maharashtra | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Central Railway has set-up sewage treatment plants at five locations in 2020 in Maharashtra with an aim to purify 10 million litres of contaminated water used in work shops and coach factories.
Matunga workshop in Mumbai will have capacity of 40 kilo litres per day. At Pandharpur 50 kilo litres per day of water will be treated. At Marathawada coach factory around 40 kilo litres per day of water will be treated while at Latur station and Bhusawal loco workshop 15 kilo litres of water will be treated.
CR’s chief public relations officer Shivaji Sutar said, “ Central Railway now has the capacity to purify about 10 million liters of contaminated water. “
A total of 23 water treatment plants have been installed by the Central Railway so far, including sewage treatment plants, water recycling plants and effluent treatment plants.
This purified water is used for various purposes on Central Railway such as cleaning of platforms, cleaning of stalls at stations, cleaning of trains in coaching depots, watering for gardens and plants, for flushing toilets etc.
The amount of waste that is usually released into the environment is reduced through these sewage treatment plants. Thus by reducing the pollution will improve environment’s health. These plants help reduce the consumption of fresh water. Moreover these water treatment plants are proved to be a sustainable short and long-term solution to world’s water crisis, he added.

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