Five die in Meerut hosp allegedly due to lack of oxygen, families create ruckus, attack hosp staff | Meerut News – Times of India

Health officials and policemen at the private hospital in Meerut

MEERUT: A huge ruckus ensued at a private hospital in Meerut on Sunday night after five patients died allegedly due to lack of oxygen. After the alert, a team consisting of chief medical officer Akhilesh Mohan and a contingent of cops arrived at the scene to contain the situation.
“When I reached there, the oxygen supply was there. But I think people who were severely sick and on high oxygen flow might have faced problems. A probe has been initiated and the team will look into all the aspects of the incident,” the CMO said.
Meanwhile, families of the deceased claimed the hospital ran out of oxygen and did not intimate the attendants to make alternate arrangements. Atul Gupta, a city trader whose brother-in-law Ashok Goyal (57), a provision store owner, was admitted in a private hospital succumbed to the alleged lack of oxygen.
“We spoke to the patient. He said the hospital ran out of oxygen around 6. There was no attendant in sight. Had my brother-in-law received oxygen on time, he could have been saved,” Gupta said.
Last week, at least seven patients at two different private hospitals in the city had succumbed due to shortage of oxygen. Despite the local administration’s priority to maintain continuous institutional supply to hospitals and medical colleges, the supply has been erratic.
Private hospitals allege they have been getting oxygen but almost at the eleventh hour and the supply is always less than the required. “We are getting oxygen in the nick of time. If our supply is supposed to get over by 2 in the afternoon, we start creating pressure on the administration beforehand. We are then asked to send our vehicles to the oxygen refill centres,” Sandeep Kumar Garg, director at a private hospital in the city, said.
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