Glow-in-the-dark tape is Uttarakhand town’s solution to avoid stray animal accidents | Dehradun News – Times of India

RUDRAPUR: Negotiating the roads of Kashipur is not easy. It is not the most well-lit town. Barring the thoroughfare, most roads are broken, potholed and narrow — rendered narrower still by animals flopping on them. In a month, the quiet town witnesses more than a dozen accidents caused by stray animals.
So, starting this week, the municipal corporation and police have teamed up with an NGO with a simple solution to the problem — glow-in-the-dark stickers and collars.
“We would keep coming across injured animals lying on the road after being hit by vehicles. At the same time, bike riders would also keep getting hurt after collisions,” said Prashant Kumar, a member of the NGO, Khwahish. “That’s when we thought we had to do something.”
They started with the local bus stand, a favourite with the town’s stray animals. Now, every morning around 11, NGO members and cops fan out across the town in groups of four, armed with radium collars and stickers.
Over the following three hours, they cover about six areas in the town, each team placing radium stickers on horns of cattle and collars on the necks of at least 10 cows and dogs in a day. “It’s a regular thing now,” municipal commissioner Akanksha Verma said. Radium tape is visible from away, up to a kilometre, even when there is fog.
“The roads are in a terrible condition, made worse by the Monsoon. Stray animals, especially cattle, take shelter near dividers. Drivers have to snake through water-filled potholes and other vehicles, and end up hitting animals if they can’t see them. The two overbridges in the city have been under construction for two years now, so traffic is anyway a problem,” said Deepak Verma, president of the Kashipur Traders’ Union.
“Using radium collars is the perfect solution, keeping both animals and humans safe,” Kashipur ASP Pramod Kumar said. “Since the town does not have a specified place to keep stray animals, this works.”

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