Gujarat: Another man has miraculous escape in accident in Dahod | Vadodara News – Times of India

VADODARA: The video of a man riding a motorcycle having a narrow escape has gone viral in Dahod. The wheel of a tractor trolley ran over the head of the man wearing a helmet, but the man survived the accident.
This is the second video to go viral in Dahod in two days. On Tuesday, the video of a youth riding a motorcycle having a miraculous escape had gone viral. The motocycle was hit by a state transport bus and the youth got trapped under the bus. But he wriggled out of the bus and managed.

It is believed that the second accident took place sometime around Tuesday afternoon near the Garbada crossroads. A man who was driving a motorcycle with a woman and a child riding pillion lost balance due to what seemed like a pothole on a waterlogged street.
The man fell on his side right under the trolley attached to a tractor passing on the road. One of the rear wheels of the trolley are seen passing over the head of the man. However, within seconds, the man is seen standing up even as others rushed to help him.

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