Madhya Pradesh: Covid fighters turn angels for needy with medicines & emotional support | Bhopal News – Times of India

BHOPAL: At this time, when Covid-19 has created chaos all around, there are many youngsters, who are finding unique ways to help people facing various problems during the pandemic. In Jabalpur, some youngsters have created a website providing information about all the emergency service providers, similarly a few students in Katni district have formed support groups on WhatsApp to help those who need medical aid.
It all started recently when a few Jabalpur-based friends – Yash Shrivastav, Anjali Shrivastav, Ranjit Morpudi, Vishwas Moge – decided to help people in distress. Soon, they were joined by others like Arunima Mishra, Ankit Choubey, Sharmista Banerjee, most of them students.
In next two days, they built a website, where they have put together details of all the people who could be of help, including oxygen suppliers, hospital owners, doctors, plasma donors, medicine suppliers in Jabalpur and nearby areas. These youngsters collect these important numbers and other details from available government as well as other resources and after verifying these, they put them on their site, said sources.
In yet another endeavour, a young social worker Ankit Tripathi and his 10 friends started a group named Covid Fighters on social media in Katni, said official sources from Katni district administration. Now the group has more than 100 active covid fighters; they have connected at least 19 plasma donors with the needy patients in the last 7 days, besides finding ventilators for 7 patients in critical condition, said our sources. The youngsters are now planning to launch a website to facilitate plasma donation. The group is also gearing up to participate in the vaccination awareness campaign actively and motivate people to go for vaccination against Covid-19.

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