Madhya Pradesh: Temple priest beaten to death in Dhar | Indore News – Times of India

INDORE: A temple priest was beaten to death by a group of people in Gyanpura area of Dhar on Monday night after he asked some people not to stand near the temple and use abusive words. The temple watchman was injured in the attack. The victim, Baba Arundas, was from Uttar Pradesh and had been living and working at the Hanuman temple on Kadban hill for six-seven years, said police. On Monday night, he and watchman Rahul heard some people talking loudly among themselves, in filthy language, just outside the temple.
The group got violent when Rahul asked why they were creating a ruckus, Tirla police station in-charge Ranjeet Singh Baghel said. They attacked Arundas and Rahul with sticks and blunt objects which they picked up from near the temple. Rahul’s screams got the attention of locals, some of whom ran to the rescue. Seeing themselves outnumbered, the attackers fled. By then, the duo was badly injured. The priest was declared dead in hospital. Rahul is still under treatment.
Investigators recreated the crime scene on Tuesday. The sticks used to beat the duo were found on the spot and seized. A case has been registered against unidentified persons.

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