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INDORE: In a chilling reminder of the murder of two sisters by their parents in Andhra Pradesh, a 26-year-old homoeopath and his toddler son were allegedly beaten to death by their family members during a supposed exorcism ritual in MP’s Ratlam district on Saturday.
The homoeopath’s sister and her teenage daughter have been arrested in Thikriya village, about 180km from Indore. More arrests are likely, say cops.
Police were shocked by the sight that greeted them when they broke into the room where the murders had taken place — they saw a 19-year-old girl sitting on a three-year-old child and beating him with utensils “in a frenzy”. Outside, there were 40-50 relatives who had gathered at the house for two weddings in the family on February 22, say police.
According to Ratlam SP Gaurav Tiwari, police were alerted around 10am on Saturday that some people had rushed a badly injured man, Rajaram Karadi, to hospital. He was declared dead a little later. “A team from Shivgarh police station was sent to his house. They tried to get the door open for over half an hour but in vain. They broke it down with the help of villagers and neighbours,” he said.
More arrests likely in Ratlam exorcism double murder
The cops came upon the gruesome sight of the toddler being beaten with frenzied savagery by a girl, identified as Mamta, while her mother Anita stood and watched.
Police tore Mamta away from the child, and tried to resuscitate him but he was already dead. Mamta and Anita have been arrested for murder. Anita and Rajaram’s mother, Thavri Bai, was also in the house then. The SP said more suspects will be arrested in the case.
“Anita and her daughter Mamta believed they were possessed by good spirits and that Rajaram and his son, Adarsh, were possessed by evil spirits. They tried to ward them off,” Tiwari said.
On Friday night, Anita corralled her mother, Rajaram and Adarsh into a room, locked it up and started performed rituals to exorcise evil spirits, said the SP, adding that Anita and Mamta attacked the father and son with utensils brutally during the ‘puja’. When this was on, there was a crowd of relatives at the house for the wedding of Rajaram’s youngest sister and a niece on February 22. Some of them took him to hospital when he collapsed from the nightlong beating, say police.
The SP said only five persons were witness to the incident — two of whom are dead, and two arrested. Police found burnt incense sticks and flowers in large quantities from the house.
Rajaram’s wife, who is posted at the district hospital, was at work when her husband and child were murdered. TNN

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