Man trying to save a bird gets electrocuted in Gujarat | Rajkot News – Times of India

PALANPUR: A bird caught on a high tension wire disturbed 45-year old Dilip Vaghela of Malpur town of Aravali district so much that he didn’t stop to think before risking it all to save the avian’s life. However, his act of bravery was short-lived as Vaghela soon himself became a victim to the high voltage wires.
Seeing the pigeon vainly flutter in the 11KV wires trying to escape the death-like grip, Vaghela climbed the 50-ft high pole with a stick in hand in his attempt to free the bird. Soon, people gathered in large numbers and tried to dissuade him from his dangerous attempt. They tried to bring him down thrice, but an adamant Vaghela climbed up the fourth time but met his fate when a massive recoil of the current threw him to his death 50 feet below on the ground. He succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

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