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GURDASPUR: A Nepalese national was awarded twenty-five years of imprisonment in addition to imprisonment for life for rape and murder of an 84-years-old woman.
Sessions judge, Gurdaspur, Ramesh Kumari held the accused Satinder Rout convicted for commission of offenses punishable U/s 450, 376 (1), and 302 IPC.
The Court ordered Rout to undergo rigorous imprisonment for 10 years and further undergo simple imprisonment for another 6 months for the commission of an offense punishable U/s 450 IPC and undergo rigorous imprisonment for 15 years.
He was ordered to further undergo simple imprisonment for another six months. Convict Satinder Rout has also been ordered to undergo imprisonment for life for commission of offence of murder of 84-years-old lady, an offense punishable U/s 302 IPC. He has also been ordered to further undergo simple imprisonment for another 8 months. The court ordered that all the substantive sentences shall run separately.
The incident happened on March 19,2019 when Satinder Rout who worked in the house of sarpanch of village raped an 84-year-old lady at midnight. Acting swiftly, police arrested Rout the very next day.
The court also observed that the old lady who deserved a peaceful and serene life was subjected to barbaric treatment showing extreme depravity by the convict that arose a sense of revulsion in the mind of a common man.
“This case is also an example that dignity, person, and life of a woman is not safe within the four walls of her house and the rapist and murderer is not concerned with the age, colour, creed, caste, race, dress, life style choices, urban or rural background or even with the deep wrinkles on her face and body” observed Session judge Ramesh Kumari.
The case also signifies that it was not the woman who attracts the man to commit rape upon her as in this case the woman was 84-year-old and a widow lady, she further observed adding that “In fact, rape is committed on the body of women by men, but by misogynists, it is the women who is blamed i.e. blaming the victim to hide the crime of offenders”.
While declining the request of the public prosecutor for the death sentence of the accused, the court observed that awarding the death sentence to convict would be severe punishment in spite of the gravity of crime committed by the convict. “There is no research that severity of punishment act as a deterrent, the certainty of punishment to the offender certainly acts as a deterrent”, the judge observed.
(The victim’s identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)

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