Republican Loses Bid for Revote in Las Vegas Commission Race

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Nevada Supreme Court has rejected a call for an election do-over from a Republican candidate who lost his bid for a county commission seat in Las Vegas by 15 votes.

Stavros Anthony chose the wrong legal method to seek a new election, the court said in an opinion issued Thursday following a hearing in April.

“Nothing prevented the election from occurring or voters from casting their ballots,” Chief Justice James Hardesty wrote.

Ross Miller, a Democrat and former Nevada secretary of state, was sworn in to the powerful Clark County Commission in January.

Anthony, a Las Vegas City Councilman and former Las Vegas police captain, funded an $80,000 recount after the county elections chief initially reported a 10-vote win for Miller over Anthony and said officials identified 139 vote “discrepancies” among more than 153,000 ballots cast last November.

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The recount identified five additional votes for Miller.

Gloria said discrepancies such as inadvertently canceled votes and voter check-in errors at polling places are common in elections, and not related to fraud.

The commission members, all Democrats, considered calling a new election, but Miller sued to force them to certify the result.

The high court upheld a decision by a state court judge in Las Vegas denying Anthony’s request force a revote.

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