Thane: 3.5ft long snake stuck inside porch wall at Kasheli, rescued | Thane News – Times of India

THANE: A 3.5ft long checkered keelback snake was rescued after being stuck in the wall of a porch in Kasheli, Bhiwandi, by a city-based non-governmental organization, on Sunday night.
The distress call was made to the NGO – Wildlife Welfare Association (WWA) after the owners of the house noticed a black snake stuck in the wall.
The rescuer Ashish Salunke reached the spot and noticed that the adult non-venomous reptile had gone into the wall as the corner of the structure was broken.
“The way the snake was stuck it was not possible to remove it manually as the hole in the wall was small and removing it with the hand was not possible, also by just pulling, the reptile would have suffered injuries. We had to break the wall which took around two hours, we had to make sure the snake was not in the way,” said Salunke.
The reptile was safely removed and as it had suffered no injuries or hand any wounds, it was fit and hence was released in the wild.
It is learnt that the house was near a green space and often when there is a fire there, when garbage is burnt, the snakes tends to move and find dark places.

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