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TRICHY: Anbil Dharmalingam Agriculture College and Research Institute (ADACRI) in Trichy has developed a new paddy variety TRY 4, to help farmers who are unable to achieve good yield due to salinity in their agriculture lands.
Salinity in the soil is increasing in agriculture lands in Tamil Nadu. Saline and alkaline soil account for approximately about11.25 lakh acres. The paddy variety suited to normal soils may not suit such salinity or sodicity areas. Hence, exclusive research and development was carried out at the department of plant breeding and genetics at the college, P Masilamani, dean, ADACRI said.
So far three rice varieties namely TRY1,TRY2 andTRY 3 have been released by the college during 1995, 2002 and 2010 respectively. These rice varieties are either long slender or medium bold suitable to ‘idly’ making only. Off late, the rice variety TRY 3 has picked up among farmers throughout the state due to its high yield, he added. “However, there was always a demand for direct consumption as rice with medium slender white rice with duration of 120-130 days. Such a duration helps in escaping from terminal water stress partially in delta districts. In ‘Thaladi’ season, such rice variety is cultivated where TRY 4 will be a boon to the farmers. The variety can be raised in the coastal areas of Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Cuddalore,” the dean further said.
The TRY 4 has an average grain yield of 5,730 kg per hectare with 22% increased yield over TKM 13, 16.5% over ADT and 7% over TRY 3, he stated. “The new variety has high milling quality (68.1%) with high Head Rice Recovery
(57.2%). ,” P Jeyaprakash, head, department of plant breeding and genetics said.
Joint director of agriculture (in-charge), S Shanthi, suggested that the farmers across the state can cultivate TRY 4 in salt-affected soils .

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