Uttarakhand Announces Covid Vaccination For Journalists Of All Ages

Uttarakhand has announced COVID-19 vaccination for journalists of all ages


Recognising journalists as among those who are working round-the-clock as frontline people amid the pandemic, the Uttarakhand government today announced vaccination for them, age no bar.

“Journalists have supported the fight against the pandemic as frontline workers for communication, spreading awareness and giving out correct information,” the Uttarakhand government said in a statement.

“Since the time the lockdown started and the country eased it gradually, even officers and employees of the information department have been constantly involved in communication and spreading awareness about correct information in tasks related to fighting COVID-19,” the government said.

Uttarakhand’s announcement to include journalists comes weeks after Punjab said judges, lawyers, teachers and journalists can now get the coronavirus shot in Ludhiana district.

Adding new categories to the vaccination drive expands the pool of those who are eligible for the jab. From those above 60 and those between 45 and 60 with comorbidities to those above 45 without any illness, the vaccination net has been expanding fast, though there is concern of a second COVID-19 wave in several states like Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat has ordered for arrangements to be made to vaccinate journalists, officers and workers of information department without any age limit, the statement said.

Mr Rawat on Friday asked officials to focus on testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients besides taking vaccination facilities to rural areas. “Uttarakhand should become a state with 100 per cent vaccination,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister, who is himself working from isolation after testing positive on March 22, asked officials to ramp up testing amid the ongoing Kumbh Mela in Haridwar.

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